About Joel Schalit

Joel Schalit is a writer and editor based in Milan, Italy. An Israeli-American pundit noted for his unique views on Middle Eastern politics and US culture, over the past fifteen years, Schalit has produced four books and contributed to numerous online and print periodicals including Alternet, The Guardian, France 24 and XLR8R. The former managing editor of Berkeley's Tikkun magazine and associate editor of Chicago's award-winning Punk Planet, Schalit served two terms as the co-director of the world's longest-running online publication, Bad Subjects. He is the online editor of Zeek. Schalit's fifth publication, Israel vs. Utopia, is forthcoming in October from Akashic Books.

My Year in Consumption

By December 16, 2008

Despite another year of falling sales, declining readerships, and crashing stock markets, 2008 turned out to be one of the best years for culture I can ever remember. Kevin Martin, AKA The Bug, finally scored it big with his breathtaking … Read More

An Israeli in Palestine: Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel

By November 3, 2008

In the fall of 1982, I found myself in a large, mainstream, Conservative shul in Philadelphia for the High Holidays. This was not in and of itself particularly strange. I grew up in Philadelphia and spent a lot of time … Read More

The Queer Orthodox Jew

By October 3, 2008

There is a certain element of schizophrenia to it–biblical verses run through my head even during the sexual encounter–‘I know this is wrong, I’m sorry G-d’-but at a certain point those voices are silenced by the sheer physical pleasure of … Read More

The Origins of Israeli Post-Rock

By July 11, 2008

During the late 1970s, I can't remember how many times my siblings and I would hear a song on the radio–most often English-language pop and disco–and try to sing along. We'd mimic the lyrics, switching back and forth between English … Read More

Welcome to My Neighborhood

By June 25, 2008

My wife and I moved to San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood four years ago. Located on a hill at the southern end of the city, it's just about the only place in town where Palestinians, queer families, Israeli software engineers, … Read More

Netanya Fish Fry

By June 4, 2008

She's dead, now, but I can still hear her speaking as though she were right next to me. "All they ever want to see or hear is something about the fucking Occupation." I could sympathize with my friend, standing next … Read More

Interview with Beaufort Director Joseph Cedar

By May 1, 2008

Towards the end of Joseph Cedar's Beaufort, the first Israeli film nominated for an Academy Award since 1984, an activist opposed to the war in Lebanon excoriates himself on a television talk show for the death of his son, Ziv, … Read More

(De)Programming the Middle East: A Conversation with Jamal Dajani

By March 1, 2008

If you haven’t seen it before, Mosaic will change the way you think about the Middle East. A thirty-minute daily news report aggregating content from the region’s major television news outlets, this seven-year old program airing on Link TV has … Read More