Child Protective Service Kidnaps Baby

I hate when people steal babies. So I thought I would post this tale of little baby Camden here. At the very least, I'm intrigued to see what happens. Here's the story: A close friend's brother, Aaron Sluder, is experiencing … Read More

By / January 4, 2008

I hate when people steal babies. So I thought I would post this tale of little baby Camden here. At the very least, I'm intrigued to see what happens. Here's the story:

A close friend's brother, Aaron Sluder, is experiencing a nightmare thanks to his local Child Protective Services department. In a nutshell, they noticed a soft spot on their three month old son Camden's head. After a call to their pediatrician they took him to the emergency room. A very inexperienced physician looked at Camden & decided to make a report to CPS for possible abuse after a CT scan showed a skull fracture. After a fifteen minute interview with Aaron the case worker from CPS detained Camden because she felt there was a likelihood of abuse. Chief amongst her reasons was Aaron's admission that he did not know how Camden had sustained the injury, since Camden was acting normal & showed no symptoms of injury other than the soft spot. The case worker told Jodi, Camden's mother, as well as a police officer who spoke with them that day that the injury was the equivilent of being thrown out of a four story window, a claim that would be laughable were the circumstances not so serious. The Sluders felt they needed legal council at this point & immediately retained an attorney. This may be what provoked the ire of CPS, as they were very vocal in their assertions that they are not accustomed to people contesting their claims. All dealings with CPS from that point on were hostile and combative, with CPS demonstrating much greater concern for defending their position than Camden's well being. The Sluders got another doctor, one more experinced with children, to examine the case files as well as Camden. He concluded that the original medical reports were exaggerated and that there was nothing that would lead him to believe any abuse or neglect had occurred. Abuse cases rarely have a single injury- there are generally abrasions, bruises, etc. in addition to the most serious injury. Camden had none of these. He said that he has seen this type of injury before and that it is very easy to not notice, as the only outward symptom is a small soft spot on the child's head. A CPS supervisor and another employee were present for the interview with the doctor and repeatedly tried to goad the doctor into making a statement that could be construed as support for the abuse claim, which the doctor recognised and stated explicitly that there was no such evidence each time the supervisor asked. Upon exiting the interview, instead of appearing relieved that Camden was indeed from a loving, caring home, the CPS employees seemed angry that they were wrong. They would not talk or even make eye contact with them as they left the hospital. Despite receiving evidence that conflicts with their intial report, CPS has refused to re-evaluate the case, arguing that there is still an "unknown." That's the entirety of their case at this point, an "unknown." The Sluders' attorney has repeatedly sent paperwork to CPS to have the case dismissed but it has been ignored. He has also filed motions in court for dismissal but their court date is not until April. Camden just spent his first Christmas in a foster home where he has now lived for over half of his life. Aaron & Jodi can only see him twice a week for an hour each time. Camden has been separated from his family for so long he no longer recognises his own father. I cannot begin to describe the emotional horror Aaron & Jodi are experiencing every day due to this institutional hubris, nor do I have to. CPS's role is to protect children, not ruin families. One case worker (who has since been fired) interviewing family members of the Sluders made a comment to the effect of "it's nice to see a kid get taken from a white family for a change," as well as a few other highly inappropriate comments. I know several people in this family and can attest that they are all upstanding, wonderful people. Jodi has another son from a previous marriage who is twelve now. Aaron has raised him as his own since he was four, and they enjoy a strong, happy relationship. There has never been any sign of untoward behavior with him. Please, take a look at the website we have created for the case and feel free to send any words of encouragement or advice to the email addresses posted on there. If you feel strongly enough to pass this on to anybody you know, please do so. We are trying to generate as much publicity as possible right now so we can get Camden back into the arms of the people who love & care for him the most.

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