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Awesome Photos of Women in the IDF (No, We’re Not Talking About Maxim)
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Awesome Photos of Women in the IDF (No, We’re Not Talking About Maxim)

You guys might remember Rachel Papo from her stint as a Jewcy artist, during which her photos of women in the IDF generated more comments than nearly any other art we've ever featured. Now, Powerhouse Books is publishing a collection of Rachel's work. You can buy it here or visit her website for more photos.

Here's Rachel on her soldier series:

Rather than portraying the soldier as heroic, confident, or proud, my images disclose a complexity of emotions. The soldier is often caught in a transient moment of self-reflection, uncertainty, a break from her daily reality, as if questioning her own identity and state of contradiction. She is a soldier in uniform but at the same time she is a teenage girl who is trying to negotiate between these two extreme dimensions. She is in an army base surrounded by hundreds like her, but underneath the uniform there is an individual that wishes to be noticed.

And here's one of my favorites, a picture that reminds me of nothing so much as Jewish overnight camp:

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