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The Big Jewcy: Jeremy Krinsley, Editor of

Pitchfork has the rating system, Stereogum has the premiers, and Brooklyn Vegan’s got the photos, but everybody knows that Impose is the place you go to learn about bands that everybody else will be jocking in 3-9 months.  At the helm of the Brooklyn based blog, is Jeremy Krinsley, the 23-year-old editor of the site. 

[The editor of Jewcy is also an editor at Impose]

People probably think you wake up hungover every morning trying to remember what you saw at a loft party the night before.  Is that the case?  Yes. 

While Impose has a wide focus, you tend to cover a lot of what’s going on in the Brooklyn music scene, and have become something of an authority.  Why is this such a special time for Brooklyn music, and how does Impose stay on top of everything?

I don’t know that it’s a special time for Brooklyn in particular. Every year for the past three or four, and probably farther back then when I started paying attention to this, there have been major publications touting a new Brooklyn renaissance. I want to say that the novelty has worn of the "flatness"  of cultural exchange and now it’s just part of the job description to pay attention to the various conversations that go on in different music niches, regardless of geography, but the truth is somewhere between that and the fact that about half of all Impose writers and nearly all its photographers live in Brooklyn, so the shows we cover are heavily slanted towards that local scene.

Your parties have been known to pretty chaotic.  Any special memories? 

Ninjasonik using the catchphrase "someone’s gonna get pregnant" but they can also add "someone’s gonna break a table in half" and "those two ladies are going to get in a fight and then later on take off their clothes on stage."

Care to share with us who’s going to be "big" in the next year?

We’re not into the business of "calling it" too often. The bands that become truly commercially successful are usually a surprise to me. MNDR, I guess. Total Slacker, I hope. 

What about your own musical project?  What’s the deal with that?

Human Resources is my solo project. I sample and make beats with radio and have psychedelic pop songs. I like the blog 20 Jazz Funk Great’s version: "Micro-fractures spread rapidly heralding that subtle collapse of all structures of which Einsturzende Neubauten’s industrial death march is the Jungian archetype," which sounds complicated. It’s fun.

I also am in a band called Effing. I’ll have 7-inches out for both projects by the end of the summer.

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