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The Big Jewcy: Sarah Lefton, Founder of G-dcast

A proponent of a new way of teaching Jewish ideas, Sarah Lefton describes herself in five words as, "OMG-D lemme show you something!" Which is exactly that you’ll say when you visit G-dcast, a tool that uses short videos with funny songs and animation to "crack into our great shared story," she said. Working with an animator, she has worked to educate members of the Jewish community who haven’t attended day school or aren’t members of synagogues in Jewish topics everyone should be aware of. "We believe that a frail Jewish literacy is the greatest problem facing the modern Jewish people," she said. "We call ourselves ‘the People of the Book,’ but we are facing serious communal illiteracy of our foundational texts." G-dcast began with the Bible and has already made it through the first five books, with no intentions of winding down any time soon. And it’s not just for Jews-"I hear all the time from Christians that they love G-dcast and have so much to learn about what they call ‘The Old Testament’ by watching G-dcast and hearing Jewish points of view about the Bible. Awesome!" she said.

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