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The Big Jewcy: Stephanie Rosen, Myspace Music Manager, Promotions & Events
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The Big Jewcy: Stephanie Rosen, Myspace Music Manager, Promotions & Events

No matter what social networking trends say, Myspace has reshaped the way the music industry thinks.  It’s helped garage bands in the middle of nowhere get their music out to hundreds of thousands of people who would have otherwise never heard them, and the site itself has functioned as free A&R for many record industry insiders. And then, far from the computer screens you’re used to, are the events the site has been behind.  The person behind those events is Stephanie Rosen.

Since Myspace is one of the most important websites for music in the world, do any of the bands on there contact you trying to get Myspace shows? My role at MySpace Music is comprised of promoting concerts and working with advertisers who want to align with the Tour related online content that we produce.  I promote tours and festivals on the site that are relevant to the MySpace Music audience, and those opportunities come through in a variety of ways including promoters such as AEG and Live Nation, and band labels and managers.  Promoting artists including Muse, Rihanna, and Ke$ha and festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella are perfect for our audience. What’s a typical day for you like? My days consist of programming tour promotion on various portions of the website, and setting up opportunities for MySpace users to win tickets to select shows and other giveaways.  I also brainstorm with our Sales group to develop creative concepts for clients who are interested in purchasing our custom music programs.  Currently I am also working with various music labels to confirm bands to participate in upcoming tour videos, as well as securing rights to audio tracks for use in the same videos. What are some of your best memories about working at Myspace? One of my greatest memories of working at MySpace Music was when I produced the MySpace Music Tour with Justice in Spring 2008.  The last show of the twenty city trek across the US was at the famous Mayan in downtown LA.  Justice had just blown up with the success of "D.A.N.C.E." across club kids, hipsters, and partiers alike, and the show was beyond sold out.  By the end of the night we had Kanye West and Mischa Barton in attendance along with MySpace staff and the most excited crowd I’ve ever seen at a live show.  That Tour and that night was a testament to how powerful an experience can be for fans based on the pairing of the right artist and brands. Tell me about your tattoos I have two Jewish tattoos and one that isn’t religious.  My Jewish tattoos were of course done on Christmas because all I really had to do anyway was go get Chinese takeout, and then sit at home and watch movies (in some discomfort).
On my right side of my stomach sits a JEWCORE tat which is simply the combination of JEWISH and HARDCORE, and it is written in Hebrew letters turned in various directions, so it reads and looks like English.  It’s a nod to my leftist streak and love of punk, hardcore and metal music along with my Judaism. Mirroring the other tat on my left side is a large Star of David design with leaves and roses.  It’s the design that is on both headstones of my grandparents on my father’s side.  I was paying them a visit at the Cemetery and I realized how beautiful this design was, and that it was something they share eternally.  Having their artwork on me permanently is the best way I could think of to honor them. Are you a Jew who’s into hardcore, a hardcore Jew, or both?
I might be more of a Jew who is into hardcore, but is hardcore enough to have the word JEW tattooed on me forever. 

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