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Cats And Jews: Basically The Same Thing
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Cats And Jews: Basically The Same Thing

Some people only know about Jews by way of stereotyping. Although rooted in a combination of ignorance and validity, mostly they are just mean and nasty. So, allow me to illustrate some of the popular Jewish stereotypes in the warmest, fuzziest way I know how.

Jews Hate Pigs. Contrary to popular belief, Jews do enjoy pigs. In fact, they make very comfortable chairs.

Diamonds are a Japs best friend. We actually prefer cubic zirconia. No bloodshed for this glamor puss. And besides, how fancy can ones feast get if it comes in a can?

Fiddler On The Roof Myth. Enough with the Klezmer! Just because a cat can fiddle doesn’t mean it’s playing yiddish folk songs (see Girls in Trouble and Clare Burson).

The Neurotic Type. Don’t call me neurotic. I’m just self aware. A cat can’t have a few extra litter boxes without getting sent to the shrink?

The Money Obsession. A penny saved for a rainy day is alright but a penny jar is best used for a neck rub!

Sucking At Sports. Wii bowling it totally a sport.

Jewish men love Asian women. Yes, in fact Jewish cats love Asian cats too.

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