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Clip of the Week: HBO Loves Israel
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Clip of the Week: HBO Loves Israel

HBO is having an Israel moment. The network’s new show, "In Treatment," is so closely based on an Israeli series that the American actors aren't allowed to watch the Israeli version, lest they learn too much about the future of the characters. And after six months of negotiations, it looks like HBO will be buying the rights to another Israeli drama, “A Touch Away."

Says Carolyn Strauss, president of HBO entertainment, “I don’t know what’s in the drinking water there. But for as tiny as that country is, they make some interesting television shows.”

“A Touch Away” follows the romance between a secular Russian immigrant and a haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) girl who’s already been matched off with an observant fiance. Reviews in the Jewish media have been hugely positive. As one reader who saw a screening at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival put it on IMDB: “No one left the theater to go to the bathroom. A 10 out of 10.”

So far, opinions about HBO’s version of "In Treatment" — including ours! — have been mixed, but Blair Underwood’s episodes, in which he plays a former army pilot who bombed a madrassa full of children, look like they should be good. Check out the clip below.

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