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Commissioner Of Anti-Semitic Fantasy Football League Responds To ESPN Ban

ESPN recently banned the fantasy football league Jews Are Terrible, or the JAT, as it’s commonly referred to among sports fans, and whose motto was “Burn Jews Wherever Possible.”

“They may have been Fantasy Leagues, but the hate is all too real,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human Rights organization.  The Simon Wisenthal Center took credit for banishment, which required two followups from two law school interns, and sent out a press release celebrating he triumph.

But the three teams that make up the JAT are still reeling from the shock that their season has ended so abruptly.  After coming so close to not even having an NFL season due to labor disputes, there were high expectations for this year to be a banner one for the JAT.  As we enter week two of the football season, the mood at JAT headquarters, located in the bedroom of 14-year-old commissioner who goes under the name “Anonymous,” is  reportedly low, and there are, at present, no plans as to what should be done with the 10,000  “Crush the Jews” foam fingers ordered in anticipation for the season.

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