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Where to Find the Most Jewish Pokémon in Pokémon Go


At some point, Pokémon Go became the Most Important Thing happening Anywhere Ever. If you have the app, you’re walking down the street, and boom! The image of a Pokémon is projected onto whatever your phone’s camera sees. An eevee in your cereal! A charmander riding the bus! The possibilities are endless!

Pokémon know no religion or political ideology, so they appear everywhere, including Jewish spaces. This has included the kotel, and Holocaust memorials to the extent that there have been press releases urging Pokémon Go players to power down while in such solemn places.

So where should we find Pokémon? I’m not in charge of where Pokémon Go puts their pocket monsters (heck, I don’t even own a smart phone, so I can’t play), but I do know my original 150, and my Jewish spaces. Some suggestions:

  1. Jynx on the men’s side of the kotel:
    This extremely feminine looking Pokémon can daven where she pleases- try to throw stones at that! (OK, so you can throw a Poké Ball, but still.)
  2. Shellder at the mikveh:
    Obviously, there are lots of water-type Pokémon that you would put at a ritual bath, but the fact that this one resembles a non-kosher treat makes it super ironic, or something.
  3. Haunter at Machpelah Cemetery (Queens, NY):
    Having a ghost-type at most memorials would be inappropriate, but this cemetery is not a spot for modern burials (it’s mostly fallen into disarray— spooky!). And you know who’s buried there? Harry Houdini. You can’t not put a Pokémon over Houdini’s grave.

    Tell me this wouldn't be amazing.
    Tell me this wouldn’t be amazing.
  4. Geodude, ditto.
    It’s respectful to leave stones on Jewish graves when you visit. Why not a smallish rock-type Pokémon?
  5. Meowth on the streets of Jerusalem
    Have you seen how many feral cats that city has? Meowth would fit right in.
  6. Machamp outside of a European synagogue
    Those places are already crawling with bouncers. This buff Pokémon would fit right in (it even has an extra set of arms for extra protection).
  7. Magikarp in the fridge, next to the gefilte fish
    …Enough said.

Edit: We received a comment asking where to find the Pokémon Golem. That’s obvious: in the attic of the Altneuschul.

So go out there, and catch some Jewish Pokémon! I leave you with the iconic theme song (supercut with other, less iconic ones) in Hebrew:

Image credits: Facebook, Wikimedia, and YouTube

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