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Five Year Old Sruli Recites Wolf Of Wall Street Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live

In October 2013, four-year-old Sruli Muschel became an internet sensation when a video of him reciting the “You can’t handle the truth” speech from A Few Good Men went viral. (It’s adorable.)

Earlier this week, Sruli, now five, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a hilarious new bit: Matthew McConaughey’s “First rule of Wall Street” schtick from Wolf of Wall Street.

Amazingly (and quite appropriately) Sruli hasn’t seen either of these films. His prodigious memory and flair for acting were discovered accidentally, when his father jokingly taught him to say, “You can’t handle the truth” in response to the prompt “I want the truth!”

“It started out as a goof,” said Ben Muschel over the phone. “But then he asked, ‘What comes next?’ So I did the whole speech, and taught it to him line-by-line. He learned it very quickly. We were amazed.”

Sruli’s mom, Shani Muschel, said their son won’t perform for just anyone, but that he was excited to appear on television and had learned his new lines with ease: “He has a good ear for picking things up.” To wit, Sruli knows the 39 melachot (activities prohibited on Shabbat) off by heart. And his memory for details is just as good as his memory for dialogue—he recently reminded Ben, unprompted, about the distinction between using bar soap and liquid soap on Shabbat.

Herewith the footage of Sruli’s Kimmel cameo. You will be charmed.

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