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Gali Girls are Like American Girl Dolls Gone Frum

“What do Gali Girls got that we don’t got?” asks a vaguely Barbie-ish cartoon doll.

“Uh…clothes?” responds her sarcastic teddy bear friend.

Thus concludes the online ad for Gali Girls, a line of frum-friendly dolls for strong, independent, Jewish girls. These American Girl–esque dolls and their “looks just like me” marketability made their debut on the creepy toy scene in November 2004, but their recent mention on BuzzFeed has the whole internet wondering what the heck we’ve been missing. Did I mention the ad was created by Jewish Robot and features the music of Shlock Rock?

Each doll comes with a bio book and matching outfit, matching Magen David bracelets, a hand-painted, wooden faux Shabbat table, a fill-in birth certificate in Hebrew and English, and a suitcase filled with Shabbat candlesticks. It’s a gantseh metsieh, dahlink! Of course, there's a whole host of accessories for purchase, including a Queen Esther costume, a Shabbat kallah (Sabbath bride) dress, or for the truly progressive, a suitable pants suit.

Perhaps, like American Girl, Gali Girl will soon offer actual store locations where the female future of Judaism can enjoy kosher dining and live musicals such as Fiddler on the Roof and The Diary of a Young Girl.

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