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Hump Day Art: Psychedelic Hebrew
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Hump Day Art: Psychedelic Hebrew

It's not officially Hump Day anymore, but with all the Passover goings-on it can be easy to lose track of time. It may be a day late, but here's your weekly serving of Hump Day Art.

In JAMS2 (Jewish Animated Mandala Series), artist Melissa Shiff used Judaica from the Jewish Museum in her kaleidescope-like video for the Off the Wall exhibit. This is not the first time Shiff has played off of Jewish iconography; she's reinvented the Jewish wedding, and decked out entire rooms in matzo.

At the end of Off the Wall, Shiff displayed a series of video projections featuring swirling, colorful Hebrew letters that served as the backdrop for a fashion show and performance. The work is both gorgeous and surprising, as she finds the geometry and patterns in the letters. Here are some stills from the projections at the museum.












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