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Jewciest Week Ever: From Torquemada to Woody Allen
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Jewciest Week Ever: From Torquemada to Woody Allen

This week, we examined the parallels between Tom Cruise and Tomás de Torquemada, met the only rapping Jewish faith healer in the Presidential race, looked into the toll of war in Gaza, found out what God has to do with Presidential politics, and searched for subtext in the late films of Woody Allen.

In Culture, we revisited the 'Eat Pray Love' backlash (which the Revealer noticed last week) and read a lot of magazines to determine whether or not circumcision makes men wimpy.  In Sex, we worried about whether celebrating Valentine's day makes you a bad Jew (obvs no) and whether JDate is bad for women (maybe, but probably not).

In Politics, we took a hard look back at the time when Bill Clinton pardoned some Puerto Rican terrorists and read some very bad op-eds.  In Religion, we learned how to plan a Shabbat dinner.  And in Lifestyle, we noticed that Israeli restaurant workers are striking and protesting an impending ban on foreign chefs and wondered whether Naked Chef Jamie Oliver's upcoming expose of kosher slaughter was really going to as "anti-Semitic" as critics had feared. 


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