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Jewcy’s Fashion Week : Shopping In Your Closet

These past few weeks have been a big deal for more people in the fashion industry than just the designers. Editor of The Gloss, Lilit Marcus, has had a pretty big past few weeks as well. While she used to edit Jewcy, she also used to write a little blog called Save The Assistants, which was recently published into a book. After interning for her myself, I did my best to find her character in her book’s glossary of bosses which she designed for any miserable assistant to properly classify the dreaded boss that taunts them. After not being able to classify Lilit, I settled on “friend,” and jumped at the chance to help her when she needed assistance shopping in her closet for her upcoming book launch party. I headed to her Brooklyn apartment with Save The Assistants in tow (I figured she could get me a step closer to identifying herself in her own glossary) for a recession-proof shopping trip. After I edited out the best options we decided to put it all on tape for Jewcy readers, Save The Assistants fans and especially, for fashion lovers.

Check out my work with Lilit here to get all of my shopping in your closet tips using Lilit’s big night as an example. Once we finished our shopping session, Lilit ended up wearing a dress she’d never worn before paired with a necklace she would never have thought to wear it with. The only thing she had to buy (on my insistence) was a pair of black ballet flats, a classic which she is sure to use on many occassions, day or night, and were definitely worth the investment.

Happy Fashion Week!

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