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Jewish Punk Rock Baseball #3: Dan Saks of DeLeon
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Jewish Punk Rock Baseball #3: Dan Saks of DeLeon

Dan Saks is a nostalgic guy.  He plays in what we have to assume is the only Ladino pop band around (DeLeon) and his baseball tastes tend to belong to an era of baseball when Bo Jackson was a star, the Mets didn’t suck, and people didn’t know about rampant steroid use.  He’s also the only person we’ve talked to who doesn’t like Tom Hanks.  

What’s up with that?


Who’s your favorite team?

10 years ago this would have been an unequivocal "Orioles."   But as anyone who’s made it into their double digits will tell you, life is complicated.  In my post-mid-atlantic years I’ve been training myself to love the Mets.  Peter Angelos + Steroid Palmero + always sucking – any Ripken = me ready to embrace my new hometeam.  It’s been a more intellectual than visceral affair thus far, but 2010 may be the year my sea change becomes fully realized.  

Favorite player of all-time?
There is not a single woman born in Maryland who wouldn’t sleep with Cal Ripken.  I count myself among those women.   Runners up:  Bo Jackson, Kirby Puckett (pre-alleged groping, post-public urination) and Steve Balboni.  What is your favorite ballpark food? Yankee Meat 

Who are your picks to face off in the World Series, and who will be the winner? I’m pretty sure that this year we’ll see the O’s and the Mets square off in the World Series as the result of a conspiracy to make me choose.  Mets in 7. If a major league team  were to approach you to play one of DeLeon’s songs over the loudspeaker, which song would you want them to use? I’d like the Angels to use "Be Still, Angelino".  Or better yet, I’d like the Mets to use Porke Yorach (why do you cry?) to taunt their weepy rivals.   Major League or A League of Their Own? Major League did a much better job of not starring Tom Hanks.

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