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Rachel Bloom’s Newest Music Video

We, like most Americans with any taste, cannot get enough of Rachel Bloom at Jewcy. From writing songs for superheroes to casting Patti LuPone as a rabbi, she never fails to impress. In our eyes, Bloom can do no wrong, and again, she managed to not do wrong. Confusing? Wait for this one.

Bloom has released a music video to follow in her repertoire of satirical, sidesplitting music videos. (It’s hard to pick one favorite, but “Lady Boss” and “JAP Battle” are both contenders.) The newest one is called, “I Don’t Care About Award Shows.”

No, it’s not contradicting Bloom’s well-documented obsession with the Tonys. In this new video, with Emmy season approaching (online voting to nominate begins today!), Bloom’s publicist suggests strategies to campaign for the award, which of course makes Bloom angrily break into song. She criticizes people who want such accolades by acting like a self-righteous celebrity who doesn’t want an Emmy, but who, in reality, is desperate for an Emmy. By making fun of people who campaign for an Emmy, she effectively campaigns for an Emmy.

This woman should be the chief strategist of whoever the next president is (our vote is for Ilana Glazer or Mayim Bialik; after all, Bloom is already friends with both of them).

In the very meta music video, Bloom refers to her music videos as music vahdios, and insists that they aren’t for entertainment— they’re strictly “artistic manifestations.” And she just wants to stay home reading ancient Greek plays. And worshipping Greek gods. That’s how classically trained she is.

At the end, she accepts the only award she cares about: “the one about not caring about award shows.”

Whether you care or you don’t care, Rachel, you get every award from us. Plus, you know, you already have a Golden Globe.

You can see it all for yourself below:

Image via YouTube.

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