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Remembering The Goldbergs

I want to give PopMatters a huge internet kiss for this brilliant essay on the forgotten early 1950’s Jewish sitcom, The Goldbergs that starred the great Gertrude Berg.

"It takes about five minutes of watching any random episode to conclude that there’s never been a more Jewish show on television. Then again, for all the Yiddish humor, we don’t initially see the Goldbergs observe Jewish holidays, go to temple, or show any signs of living Jewishly-aside from an almost concealed menorah on the sideboard. At least that’s how it seems in the earliest episodes here, but hold the phone. As we get deeper into the series, we go deeper into real Jewish tradition."


I’ve now spent the better part of this morning trying to find old clips from the show that a Jewish educator once said " has done more to set us Jews right with the ‘goyim‘ than all the sermons ever preached by the Rabbis."

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