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Shalom, Mothertruckers: I’m Leaving Jewcy

Jewcy’s seen a lot of changes in the past six months: Michael Weiss left, the homepage turned into a blog, we opened an art store that sold $1250 worth of paintings its first day, loveable office grandma Maya Wainhaus left us to become the Internet’s leading Tetris blogger, short-term consultant Emily Gould left us to fade quietly into a life of anonymity and yoga, Michael Weiss came back.

But you know, the seasons, they go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down, and now it’s my turn to say goodbye to this ferkakte operation (I know we have a strict anti-Yiddish rule, but come on, it’s my LAST DAY). Like so many of my Hebraic forebearers, I’m trading religion for capitalism: Starting July 7 I’ll be blogging at Racked, a website about retail news in New York. Before that, though, I’m getting married, which means next time you see me in print I’ll be Mrs. Izzy Grinspan.

I’m going to miss the whole lot of you, even though I’m a little relieved to stop thinking about Obama’s relationship with Israel 23 hours out of the day. The Jewcy office is made up of total lunatics, of course, but they're all smart, skilled, wildly capable lunatics, and it's bittersweet to know they'll be here playing Guitar Hero long after I'm gone.

I've also been really lucky to work with a ton of talented writers. Thanks for putting up with my passive-aggressive edits (“This piece on your grandma’s matzoh balls is really, really, really good, but maybe not counterintuitive enough, so would you mind making a tiny change by switching all the verbs with their opposites?”) and for being a continuing source of great ideas.

Enough sentimentality? NEVER. To end this post on an appropriately emotional note, I would like you all to look at more pictures of cats being Bat and Bar Mitzvah’d:

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