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The Shondes: Notes From the Road

Well, we’ve made it to the west coast.  Traversed a buncha states with only one foiled-attempt-to-replicate-an-east-coast-bagel experience at an Einstein Bros right outside of Phoenix.  This was a mistake, especially in light of the free sample we were given: it was called a ‘bagel’ but was actually a weird mango coconut pecan breadlet in the shape of a donut hole.  Lesson learned: trying to challenge our NewYorkFoodCentrism when it comes to such things as bagels, knishes and pizza is an error and, essentially, a setup to fail.

However, most of our other culinary adventures have been marvelous.  In fact, in almost every city, we wake up the morning after a show and try to recount the experience for posterity, when in fact, most of what we can reconstruct are such things as how effing good the green and red chiles were (Loyola’s in Albuquerque), how much tzatziki we were able to consume (the awesome roadside Mad Greek Café near LA) were or which kind of donut was better (donuts have been consumed, well, most places).  And, oh, yeah, the shows have been pretty good, too.

Seriously, though, between an awesome tour kickoff in Lexington that featured cupcakes from the local Babycakes and and a huge Thursday night affair in San Francisco last week that featured an appearance from the Bay Area’s famous NY Style Egg Cream cart, we’ve managed to bring our loves for music, food and food together.  Keep reading about our exploits RIGHT here and at

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