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There Will Be Hamantaschen (In The Streets Of Austin)

Since we at Jewcy have noticed that there is already an abundance of booze, but a serious lack of Purim celebration, we’ve decided to locate the best hamantaschen in Austin (baked by a tiny Hasid with a huge cowboy hat) and will be distributing it to anybody who wants it.

If you are in need of triangle cookie with apricot/strawberry/raspberry jam in the middle, either seek out somebody from Jewcy, or tweet “Hey @JewcyMag I want #Austinhamantaschen” after the sun goes down on Saturday, and we will tell you where to get it.

[Disclaimer: in case the people at SXSW don’t know what hamantaschen is, we promise it isn’t anything illegal.  It’s simply a delicious cookie that Jews eat on Purim — which happens to be this Saturday.  We’re also willing to share until supplies run out and we don’t think you should eat our cookies if you have allergies.]
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