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The Big Jewcy: Dan Gregor And Doug Mand – Writing How I Met Your Mother
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The Big Jewcy: Dan Gregor And Doug Mand – Writing How I Met Your Mother

Dynamic writing duo Dan Gregor and Doug Mand are two funny guys to keep your eyes on … mostly because their stars are rising, but also, because they’re likely to fart on your couch when you’re not looking, only to tweet about it seconds later.  The pair just completed their first season as part of the prestigious and talented writing team for How I Met Your Mother, where they wrote the much-anticipated episode where [spoiler alert!] Neil Patrick Harris’s charachter meets his estranged dad.  When Gregor and Mand are not writing or farting, they’re coming up with ridiculous stuff like this:

And, thankfully, talking to Jewcy contributors:

How did you two knuckleheads meet?

At NYU we started a sketch group with a handful of other very talented people called Hammerkatz, that got picked up at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater while we were still in college.

When did you realize you had chemistry?

We were in one of the most incoherent sitcom writing classes ever; the teacher would only let us study I Love Lucy episodes or come up with spec sitcom ideas for Alicia Keyes. No joke. We bonded over ridiculing the class.

Are your girlfriends jealous of your relationship?

Between brokeass work travel and shitty college festivals we’ve spent more nights together than with our girlfriends.

What is it like writing for HIMYM?

It’s a dream come true. We work with some of the most talented, sweet, kind funny people we’ve ever known, and they’ve really made us feel at home. Also the PA’s get us whatever weird obscure snacks we ask for!

Who is your favorite HIMYM cast member?  Be honest.  I won’t tell anyone.

Kyle MacLachlan as “The Captain,” the guy Ted stole his latest girlfriend from.

You both recently transplanted to LA from NY.  What do you miss most about NY?

We miss just about everything about NYC, and we miss doing it all with a drink in our hand.

What do you miss the least?

Constant summer backsweat and regular subway shit attacks.

How much of your writing is based on actual life experiences?

Even when we’re writing weird action comedy or obscure movie spoofs we always try to figure out who or what from our real lives it relates to so that the emotions feel justified and genuine. Basically, if you are our friend, acquaintance, or just someone we’re staring at for a while on the subway expect us to rip off your life for a joke.


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