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For Those Who Tried (and Failed) to Rock …We Salute You!
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For Those Who Tried (and Failed) to Rock …We Salute You!

Calling all would-be rockers! It’s time to dust off those stashed pictures of you and your Genesis cover band buddies rocking out beside the Volvo in your parents’ garage in preparation for the year-end high school battle of the bands (which you inevitably lost to the other, better Genesis cover band.) Your time to shine is not yet over!

On Tuesday we got excited about Camp Camp, an encapsulation of the quintessential wet hot American summer consisting of photos, essays, and volunteered blog submissions. The book came out yesterday as the second book in a series dedicated to awkward, retro, prepubescent times. You can only imagine how charged we got when we heard that the series is about to become a trilogy. And this time, it’s all about the music.

Introducing For Those Who Tried To Rock, a new blogging project that will culminate in a veritable mix tape of memories in book form. This “Where Are They Now? for those who never were, then” is dedicated to “every band to have been formed by teens with that perfect mixture of big dreams and questionable talent in suburban garages, high school music rooms, and college dorms across America.”

Does this sound like you? Find out more and submit your own memorabilia at the Tried to Rock website.

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