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In Treatment: Part Three

Previously: Part One, Part Two

Emily Gould: Ok, I'm caught up now — have you seen the episode where he goes to see his own therapist yet?

Elisa Albert: Amazing. Yes. And truly it was the reason for continuing to watch. Loved especially how Paul challenges and tests her in much the same way as he is continually challenged/tested by his own patients. Was such a primal scene. And Diane Wiest i've adored since "Parenthood". Anyone? But since then, nothing. I can't watch. Not, like, emotionally-can't. Literally: can't. My frickin' cable is malfunctioning and the benevolent support team at TimeWarner has offered me a fourteen-hour window sometime next month when they may or may not come and possibly fix it. (And what, pray tell, am I supposed to do to occupy myself during said fourteen-hour window if my cable isn't working?)

What's sadder: that my cable has been out for two days or that I'm sad that my cable has been out for two days? I'm having some feelings about my feelings. Help. In the absence of anything else to talk about, I will therefore resort to base gossip: Britney's therapist? The one who got her committed? As identified in all the rags as one Dr. Deborah Nadel of Santa Monica? Only slightly off point, but guess what? Totally my high school shrink. Which explains. So. Much.

Emily: Ha! Have you ever had the conversation with any of your shrinks about what it would take to get committed? I never had until recently. I had been hedgy about spitting something out (uh, uncharacteristic, n'duh), and she was like "why did you hesitate?" and I was like, "I was thinking that would be the one thing I could say that would make you be ethically obligated to call the men in the white coats to cart me away." She laughed — I mean, she didn't GUFFAW, but she definitely CHUCKLED — and was like "that will never happen." I have to admit, I was sort of disappointed. Anyway, I have only seen one episode of 'In Treatment' post- Paul's visit to Diane Wiest, who is aging really well. I found that it was harder to take him seriously now that we know all his fallibilities. Not to ruin it for you, but his next visit with Laura, his responsible-adult-in-charge facade kinda cracks. Anyway, I'm sorry about your cable! I didn't have cable — or TV for that matter — for four months recently and it was sort of cleansing. Towards the end, though, I stopped having anything to talk to anyone about. Don't let that happen to you.

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