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Zosia Mamet Writes About Her Anxiety and Insecurity









“Your neuroses are like diamonds,” is the first line in Zosia Mamet’s debut article in Glamour for her monthly column, “My Zo Called Life.”

Zosia is baring her emotions, and more aptly, her neuroses. The 25-year-old actress admits that her “sensitive disposition” and “rapid imagination” are to blame for creating stories in her head that her boyfriend would see through her craziness and leave her.

Zosia, who is dating fellow actor Evan Jonigkeit, thought that a month long break between the two (for her to film in California) would be the end of them. To the contrary, through simple communication, Zosia learned her 30-year-old boyfriend loves her no matter how “fucking weird” she really is. Can’t be weirder than Shoshanna!

Check out the article here for some wise words from Zosia on how to rearrange your perception on all your “crazy shit.” It’s all a gift, if you use it right.


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