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Jewcy’s Top 10 Podcasts Of 2010

We think that when historians look back at 2010, they will remember it as the beginning of a podcast renaissance. Here were the ten best.

Jewcy Reviews: True Grit

A review of the Coen brothers remake of the John Wayne classic.

Dukatalon: Israel’s Sludge Metal Masters

Some of the biggest metal scenes on the planet develop and thrive in random places like Brazil and Norway — so why not Israel?

Jewcy’s Favorite TV Show Of 2010: Bored To Death

Even though he looks nothing like the real life Jonathan Ames who created the show, there is hardly anybody out there to play a neurotic Jewish private dick/writer better than Jason Schwartzman.

The Top Ten Jews On Television

Maybe we’re helping push along the myth that Jews control media by listing our ten favorite Jews on the small screen, but in this case we’re willing to take that chance.

Jews Don’t Write Depressing Christmas Songs

Even though we can’t figure out how to write a good Hanukkah song, Jews wrote and produced most of the Christmas songs that aren’t sad, and are actually really catchy.

Beastie Boys Making “Fight For Your Right” Movie

The Beastie Boys are making a short film about the making of one of their most iconic songs.

Theo Peck Takes Amateur Cooking Up A Notch

Theo Peck brings his love cook off to Brooklyn, and yes, there were latkes.