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The Verdict Is In On “Black Swan”

A few months ago we asked if Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” would be the movie of the year. Want to know the answer?

Jewcy Presents A Special Q&A For “William S. Burroughs: A Man Within”

Saturday in New York at IFC, Jewcy presents a special Q&A with the director of “William S Burroughs: A Man Within.”

The Future Of Publishing Is Totally Okay: An Interview With Richard Nash

While everybody is talking about the “death of print” and “the death of publishing,” Richard Nash is coming up with visionary ideas to save the industry.

Jews Watching TV: Mid-Season TV Round Up Best and Worst

Since the Fall television season has been pretty unpredictable, we figure what better way to start it off than give you our Fall Mid-Season roundup? Jon Re

Controlling The Media 101: Lux Alptraum of

Lux Alptraum is the Editor of, the Gawker-public, sex-centric blog Fleshbot. That has to be a great job.

Never Mind Neko Case, Here’s Alana Amram

Modern folk siren and Big Jewcy inductee Alana Amram plays music that evokes old time…

Monotonix Get Political (Sorta)

The Israeli rock juggernaut talk politics. Sorta.

I Guess Shyne Is Now The Greatest Jewish Rapper Alive?

Shyne was a pretty good rapper before the whole Diddy/shooting/jail/conversion thing. But this video of him decked out in a fedora and sunglasses; freestyling outside the Kotel, and using the name Moshe Leviy, might get us to admit that Shyne, er, Moshe, is the greatest Jewish alive.