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i'm manishtana.  black. jewish. 100% both. ffb. 5th generation. im like a unicorn mixed with a dragon. that can whistle. yes we exist. i am merciless. i am snark incarnate. i will crush your soul with my eyes and make you laugh while i do it. or maybe not. depends. i'm unpredictable like that.  but most importantly, im here to blow up spots and force ppl to become better. that is all. as you were. –MaNishtana http://manishtana.net

My One-Night Stand-Off With Frumster

By April 15, 2010

Hey guys.  I know, I know, I’ve been a little bit lax for the past three or so months.  Don’t worry, soon enough you WILL be able to find the rest of the "Real Talk Parsha: Shemot" series at a … Read More

Real Talk Parsha: Beshalach

By February 4, 2010

MaNishtana Fact No. 11: I’m a big fan of Aquaman. Not so much the costume but the character. I think he’s highly underused and has a lot of untapped potential because it’s easier to write him off as a third string … Read More

Real Talk Parsha: Bo

By February 1, 2010

So, after Pharaoh’s back and forth yo-yo game with Moses, Egypt gets hit with the last of the plagues, including Death of the Firstborn.  Not sure if anyone realizes, but Death of the Firstborn is quite possibly the most devastating … Read More

Real Talk Parsha: Vaera

By January 22, 2010

I gotta tell you: Pharaoh is probably the worst person in the world to order lunch with. Or do anything with really.  So Moses comes and is like "Dude, I’m gonna hit you with blood." Pharaoh’s like "bet". Moses hits … Read More

Real Talk Parsha: Shemot

By January 8, 2010

Alright, step up folks, come one, come all, to the beginning of the book of the Bible most notorious for spawning horribly realized film adaptations. Yep, you know its true.  Even DeMille’s "Ten Commandments"-clearly the best of the bunch-can’t seem … Read More

Real Talk Parsha: Vayechi

By January 4, 2010

So speaking of countdowns and things ending, this week we say goodbye to the book of Genesis and Jacob says goodbye to his sons. But first, Jacob-being the excellent practical joker that he is-decides to give Joseph a heart attack … Read More

Real Talk Parsha: Vayigash

By January 1, 2010

Previously on "Joseph: The Series"… Joseph: No! Don’t sell me! Judah: Sell him. ***** Jacob: My son! My son is gone! Reuben: I TOLD you guys not to sell him! ***** Potiphar: Welcome to Egypt, Joseph. I appoint you head … Read More

Real Talk Parsha: Miketz

By December 19, 2009

Last week on "Joseph: The Series" [Yep, I’m running this soap opera trope to the ground. Hopefully you’ve all recovered from last week’s drinkalong], Joseph tells Pharoah’s Butler to remember him. Which, of course, he doesnt. [drink]. Meanwhile, apparently Pharoah’s … Read More