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Our Favorite Jewish Celebrity Babies: Skyler Morrison Berman
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Our Favorite Jewish Celebrity Babies: Skyler Morrison Berman

Rachel Zoe’s 16-month-old baby is more stylish than you are. It’s the truth. We’d hate Skyler Morrison Berman, spawn of Rachel Zoe, née Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig, and husband Rodger Berman, if we didn’t want so badly to be his friend (the kid rocks a striped jumpsuit better than we’ll ever be able to).

He doesn’t mind sitting patiently through a manicure, and he even has a purse named after him, out this fall.

We all know how Suri feels about the young Skyler (“People who wear denim shirts shouldn’t throw stones.“), but you’ve gotta hand it to the kid: look how brazenly he repeats outfits, right in front of his mom. No chance Zoe tolerates that from her a-list clients. Also, she totally dresses him for free, just saying.

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