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British Chef’s Favorite Kosher Restaurants in New York, London, and Germany

British Chef’s Favorite Kosher Restaurants in New York, London, and Germany

Orthodox Jewish chef-turned-musician Alex Clare—the man behind this summer’s relentlessly popular song, “Too Close”—listed his favorite kosher restaurants for food website Immaculate Infatuation’s Friday Fives feature. Spoiler alert: the globe-trotting musician’s favorite kosher joint is in Crown Heights:

“My all time favorite restaurant is Basil in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Most Kosher restaurants you go into and you know it’s kosher. The food is horrible, service sucks. With this one you’d never know. The food is phenomenal. The branzino salad, grilled fish on cold lettuce is fantastic. Basil ice cream. The thing I would order are the polenta fries, cut soft and fluffy in the middle, crispy on the outside.”

Also on his list are LA’s Mexikosher and Shiloh’s, The White House Express in London, Einstein’s in Munich, and Birthright hot spot Burgers Bar on Emek Refaim in Jerusalem.

We do take some issue, however, with one thing the Immaculate guys write in their intro to Clare’s picks: “Being a touring artist is challenging, we can’t imagine that there are a lot of kosher restaurants to choose from when one is in Houston, TX.” We checked with our Houston correspondent, The Scroll editor Adam Chandler’s mom, who says there are in fact several kosher restaurants in Houston, and that the kosher pizza there is great.

Her Houston picks: Madras (Indian), Aroma (pizza and salads), Saba (dairy), My Pita (Israeli, with good shawarma), and Suzie’s (eclectic), and Nosher at the J (sandwiches, soups).

And finally, here’s how you know Alex Clare:

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