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These Dudes Really Love Smoking Fish

My Father-in-Law has a serious affinity for all things smoked fish, so much so that every time he comes to visit my wife and I, there is always a stop at Russ & Daughters.  He eats it all, lox, whitefish salad, herring, etc. but there is nothing he seems to love more than chubs.  Sold whole, he can polish 2 or 3 off in one sitting.  The Chub is a thing of beauty and something I wasn’t aware of until he first introduced me to them years ago.  Smokey and salty, they are absolutely delicious with a crisp, cold beer. Chubs have been a staple of the Jewish diet for decades, and now, thanks to, I know how they’re made.

Hot-Smoking for Gold at ACME Smoked Fish from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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