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The Big Jewcy: Brian Leventhal – Brooklyn’s Wine Guy
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The Big Jewcy: Brian Leventhal – Brooklyn’s Wine Guy

Brooklyn Winery is a site to behold.  The first fully operational winery in Kings county that also allows guests to make their own wine alongside the Brooklyn Winery’s winemaker, in only it’s first year, Brooklyn Winery has gained dramatic attention across the country for it’s innovative model and exceptional wine.  Co-owner Brian Leventhal, who is only 28 (!) saw an opportunity in the marketplace for the Brooklyn Winery idea to be a huge success while working in tech in New York City.  Below we sat down with Brian to discuss how the winery came to fruition, and took a tour of the space.

(Oh yeah, we’re having our Big Jewcy party at Brooklyn Winery on Wednesday the 15th.)

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