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Looking For Some Jewish Business Heroes For The Yosher Award

This article originally appeared at Repair the World.

A lot of the individuals that get highlighted on this site and others devoted to service, volunteering and social justice tend to be activists. Some even work in the nonprofit field, meaning that their professional lives are devoted to the cause of repairing the world. Of course, their efforts are significant and certainly should be encouraged and promoted. But we should not forget that it is also possible to have a positive impact on society even if you don’t serve food at a local soup kitchen or go on an alternative spring break trip. A businesswoman who acts ethically in her dealings with employees is also fixing up her little corner of the world.

That’s why the Jewish social justice organization, Uri L’Tzedek, is launching a new award campaign – the Annual Yosher Award. This prize will be given to an observant Jewish business hero that treats employees in an ethical fashion. This means that he pays them minimum wage and overtime and maintains a workplace that respects their rights. As we all know, far too many companies, both large and small, fail to do this.

Chairperson of the award, Laura Burnosky, wants “to nationally recognize those that sanctify their everyday business actions by imbuing their work environment with the Torah values of justice and righteousness. Business ethics have always been a core Jewish value and we want to honor those whose commitment to that value has elevated the lives of others.”

But because doesn’t have eyes and ears everywhere — they’re not Big Brother — they need your help. If you know of a Jewish business man or woman who is worthy of this honor, nominate him/her for the award by going to Uri L’Tzedek’s website.

Here’s a short video that explains the scope of Uri L’Tzedek’s goals and work.

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