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Play Tag For A Good Cause

Tag, the quintessential playground game, might have been banned in many schools around the country out of fear of injuries, but it’s coming back in vogue, at least virtually. The HandsOn Network has introduced a new way to play the game online, intending to accrue volunteers to a whole host of projects and causes …as opposed to lawsuits.

Here’s how it works: Somebody you know “tags” you because you’re known for your contributions to your community. Then you log in at, tag others and let everyone know what you’re going to do to better your community, environment, school, and so on, by making a “commitment,” which is an online proclamation of what action you are planning to take.

The commitments can be small — such as resolving to use reusable shopping backs and water bottles — or large — such as committing to volunteering for your entire school break. As you check the site daily, you will be able to see how many others are taking both small and large steps, and how these actions together contribute to a greater impact.

The top taggers each day will receive two free round trip tickets on JetBlue plus $125 for the cause of their choice!

In addition to tagging your pals, you can try to get tag a celebrity or public figure. If you manage to get a famous person to join the challenge, $100 will be donated to the nonprofit that you volunteer for. And for every 500th person tagged, $500 will be given to the organization that individual works with.

Nearly 1,000 people have already been tagged. Are you ready to get in the game?

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