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Anne Frank Would Have Turned 85 Today

Anne Frank Would Have Turned 85 Today

Anne Frank would have turned 85 today, and to honor her legacy, Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House asked followers to tweet about the impact the iconic teen diarist had on their lives, using the hashtag #AnneFrank2014. If you’d like to have your spirit lifted and your faith in humanity (and social media) restored, we recommend checking out the stream of tributes. Here are a few favorites:




Other ways to remember Anne—aside from reading her book, of course—download a free copy of the audiobook (thanks, Random House!), make a donation to the Anne Frank House, and watch the lovely, powerful two-part 2001 miniseries based on her life, “Anne Frank: The Whole Story.”

Also, here’s an assemblage of interesting Anne Frank-related links we came across while perusing the internet today:

The Prescient Poem 10-Year-Old Anne Frank Penned in Her Schoolmate’s Friendship Book (h/t the ever-wonderful Brain Pickings)

A Kiss in the Anne Frank House (h/t Sarah Seltzer, The Forward) — interesting piece about the controversial ‘make-out’ scene which takes place in Anne Frank’s attic in teen tear-jerker “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Extraordinary new play brings Anne Frank’s secret world to life (CNN) — A new play based on Anne Frank’s life is receiving rave reviews in Europe.

Someone Made an Anne Frank Video Game (Tablet) — Bizarre, true.

Meyer Levin’s Anne Frank: A controversial radio play of the famous diary—rejected in 1952 as too Jewish—gets a second airing (Tablet) —  Podcast!

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