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Ding Ding Ding! We Have a Jewish Bachelorette!
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Ding Ding Ding! We Have a Jewish Bachelorette!

Attention single Jewish men and mothers of single Jewish men! Meet the newest Bachelorette and your potential bashert/daughter-in-law, Andi Dorfman.

The 26-year-old Assistant District Attorney from Atlanta said last night that she is “all in” and ready to find love on the 10th season of the hit show.

Dorfman was a contestant on the most recent series of The Bachelor, which concluded last night in a spectacularly anti-climactic fashion, sans marriage proposal and ring. Turns out bachelor Juan Pablo Galvais wasn’t exactly a prize—throughout the series he managed to alienate a number of potential future wives, including Dorfman, with his arrogant behavior and insensitive remarks. (And let’s not forget the time he said gay people shouldn’t have their own version of the show because they’re perverts! NICE ONE, JUAN.) Dorfman voluntary exited The Bachelor after a disastrous overnight date, but not before giving JPG a memorable dressing down for his failure to show any genuine interest in her. You go girl.

The newest Bachelorette told host Chris Harrison last night: “I feel all in. I feel mentally all in, emotionally all in, physically all in. I am in the place in my life where I am just so ready for this.”

Hopefully we’ll all be singing ‘Sunrise, Sunset‘ very soon.

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