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Haim Working on New Album









But who doesn’t love Haim? They’re super funny, unbelievably talented, and nailed the “chill rock electronic” music genre down to a science. The California sisters hit major success with their 2013 released album Days Are Gone, and are prepping for a lot more awesomeness in the new year.

Alana and Este recently told Rolling Stone they’re working on new material in 2014, along with launching their biggest tour yet.

“Our New Year’s resolution is to discover new things, go to new places and get inspired by different kinds of music,” says multi-instrumentalist Alana Haim.

And just who is inspiring them these days? None other than Kanye West and his dark twisted fantasies.

“We’re always writing and figuring out new vibes and trying to get our inner Kanyes out,” says Alana. Adds bassist Este Haim, “We’re going to tap into our inner Kanye.”

They are huge fans of the Yeezus album, noting that it was one of their favorite’s of 2013.

“It’s a fucking masterpiece,” says Alana. “I have yet to see Kanye not put out an amazing record – and people don’t understand how hard that is. To make record after record and come out with something new and push the boundaries and have it succeed every single time is insane. If I could choose any brain to just chill in, for, like, 10 minutes, it’d be Kanye’s. I just want to see what goes on up there. Because he’s a genius.”

They also pledge to work on their fitness more, and of course, call their mother. Rock on Haim!

Today I listened to this Haim and Lorde cover of “Strong Enough” by Sheryl Crow one too many times. Enjoy!


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