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New Music Video for Haim’s “If I Could Change Your Mind”

Indie ‘It Girl’ band Haim have a new music video, and it is everything charmantes and adorably early-90s!

If you’re not not familiar with the Californian trio—consisting of twenty-something sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim—check out our Q&A from May last year. Their “sanguine yet dreamy sound” is a mix of rock, folk, and retro synthpop: it’s fun and catchy, but not without depth—the sort of layered pop that reveals its cleverness, maturity (and ever-so-subtle irony) on repeated listens.

Anyway! Here’s the video for “If I Could Change Your Mind,” one of the tracks from their 2013 debut album, Days Are Gone.

Writes Moze Halperin for Flavorpill:

The choreographer for this very video (Fatima Robinson) is known for her work with the Backstreet Boys and Aaliyah, and it’s fitting that the sisters don’t exactly nail their choreography with the ease of either; it’s always funny seeing indie rockers doing pop-star moves, and Haim seems acutely aware of its unnaturalness. The video is more a self-aware homage, with the sisters wearing their dance moves like polyester Halloween costumes, managing to have enough fun to forget that they’re synthetic.


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