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Israeli Soldiers and Palestinian Youth Dance to ‘Gangnam Style’

The world’s stickiest, catchiest viral pop song, Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” might be more powerful than we presumed, as it brought two antagonistic worlds together to dance, dance, dance.

A group of Israeli soldiers from the Givati Brigade heard the song playing in a club in Hebron. It seems the men couldn’t control their dancing feet, which walked them straight into the party, where they partied with dozens of young Palestinians who were reportedly there celebrating a wedding, NPR reports.

As the video shows, dozens of young men cheered and held cameras and phones aloft, trying to capture the unlikely moment. We also note that the soldiers seem to have avoided the misstep of handing their weapons to others so they could dance.

Though the night looks fun, even hopeful, the Israeli government has suspended the soldiers, claiming they put themselves in danger.

Sigh. Oppan Gangnam Style.

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