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Jennifer Aniston Interviewed Gloria Steinem At Feminist Makers Conference

Wait, what? Yes! Jennifer Aniston interviewed Gloria Steinem at the Makers Conference! THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

What is the Makers Conference, you ask? Why, only the most star-studded feminist event in the universe. The inaugural convention was held a couple of weeks ago near L.A., and it sounds sort of like a utopian gathering of the Elders of Feminism. (I would very much like to know how to get invited, without having to run a billion-dollar company, be a movie star, or, you know, become a hero.)

Aniston’s Q&A with Steinem isn’t available online in its entirety, but the L.A. Times has a condensed transcript here. Some highlights from the highlights:

What do you think the biggest problem is with feminism today?

… I think what we don’t talk about enough is religion. Spirituality is one thing, but religion is just politics in the sky. If God looks like the ruling class, you know you are in trouble. And that’s what religion is for, to make the ruling class look like God.

How do women build bridges across racial lines so we don’t just become a movement for upper-class women?

If we act like this movement belongs to white women, we have rendered invisible the [women who have been the] leaders of the movement all along. We need to know each other. Nothing works without trust. [The poet] bell hooks has a great rule: If you buy shoes together, you can do politics together.

How do you feel about women using their sex appeal to advance their careers?

If women could sleep their way to the top, there would be a lot more women at the top.

Amen, sister.

If you enjoyed this snippet, I recommend checking out the Makers website, which was founded about a year ago by AOL, PBS, and some very clever feminists. I know I sound like I’m being paid by them to say this (I WISH), but it’s just really good and I want you to know about it in case you don’t already. The site is a repository of dozens of documentaries and videos about the lives and work of “trailblazing women”—so, in other words, an internet vortex worthy of your valuable procrastination time. I just powered through Margaret ChoMarian Wright EdelmanNora EphronSara Hurwitz, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and I feel better than ever about neglecting my housework.



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