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Jewce Ya Later

Here we are. The last Jewcy post (until the next one).

It’s been a rocking two+ years. And even though Jewcy is going into stasis for now, all our content will be waiting for you to read it (there’s no way you’ve read everything; the site is like 12 years old).

Some fun news, first! The Jews Who Rock “Wiki” has been updated (shout out to Alex Pucciarelli for doing the heavy lifting, researching to fill in a decade worth of gaps). So you can waste hours on that list alone, learning what members of your favorite bands are also members of the Tribe.

Plus, you should peruse the Editor’s Picks list, curated to highlight some of Jewcy’s best pieces.

Finally, as of this writing, it’s 2018, so obviously we have to gamify your Internet journalism experience. And so, as a final sendoff, we present to you a quiz. If you click the hyperlink in each question, it will take you to the article containing the answer, and see all the valuable things Jewcy has taught you over the years (yes it is valuable to know about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s hot grandson). Good luck!

  1. RBG’s grandson Paul Spera is a total babe. What does he do for a living? Is he:

A) An actor

B) A lawyer

C) A visual artist

D) An author


2. Bexandeb is Victorian slang relating to Jews. Is it:

A) A derogatory term for kosher food

B) A reference to the Jews killing Jesus

C) Essentially a British alternative to Jewish American Princess

D) A shibboleth that Jewish merchants used to greet one another


3. What the heck is a stuffed monkey?

A) The favorite stuffed animal of a Jewish refugee girl fleeing Nazi Germany in a children’s book?

B) An animal indigenous to Israel

C) The translated name of a contemporary queer Yiddish klezmer band

D) A Sephardic British Jewish almond pastry


4. Which of these is not a traditional wedding custom in any Jewish cultures?

A) Staying with the bride for a week before the wedding to avoid her getting possessed by demons

B) Adorning the bride with henna art at a separate party

C) Spitting before you enter a venue where the wedding is about to occur

D) Borrowing the bride’s jewelry while she’s getting married for good luck in finding a match of your own


5. How do you pronounce Jewish fashion icon Ralph Lauren? (No multiple choice!)


6. To what does Chag HaBanot, the Festival of Daughters refer?

A) The 7th night of Chanukah, a celebration of women in honor of Judith slaying Holofernes

B) An annual convention in Israel where all the attendees have played the daughter in Fiddler on the Roof

C) It’s an alternate name for Tu B’Av, the Jewish love festival

D) A tongue-in-cheek reference for the first time a Jewish mother approaches a shadchan (matchmaker) about finding a husband for her daughter


7. What Israeli folk song is hugely popular in Japan?

A) Am Israel Chai

B)Mayim Mayim

C) Hava Nagila

D) David Melech Yisrael

Thanks for playing! And, stay in touch with me! On Twitter, I’m @GabyGeselowitz, and in real life, I’m Gaby Geselowitz.

See ya soon.

Photo by Jennifer Longaway, via Flickr.

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