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Lena Dunham’s Book Has A Cover!

Lena Dunham’s Book Has A Cover!

Here is your mid-afternoon pop-culture pick-me-up, in two parts:

Part I: Lena Dunham’s book has a cover and a release date (October 7, 2014)! And there are no heels, lipsticks, or martini glasses on the cover. Well played, Random House, well played.

Now, say what you will about the show (I mostly love it and find 83% of the criticism to have an undercurrent of repressed if not completely overt sexism, but hey, knock yourselves out in the comments), but Dunham’s writing is brilliant. Beautifully paced, funny, poignant, candid. She’s never afraid to be a little bit pathetic, you know? To wit, have you read this piece about her gay ex-boyfriend in the New Yorker? I was laughing so hard reading it on the subway that the woman sitting next to me started talking to me about it and now we are real life friends. True story!


Part II: Karen O has released a duet of her Oscar-nominated song from Her (“The Moon Song”) with Ezra Koenig. It was lovely before, it’s even better with Koenig’s vocals.

And here is the ethereal score for the film, by Arcade Fire. This is a nice one to fall asleep to.

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