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Benjamin Netanyahu’s Son is Dating a Shiksa









He hasn’t even put a ring on it, and every Israeli politician is freaking out. 23-year-old Yair Netanyahu, son of Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyu is dating blonde non-Jewish Norwegian university student, Sandra Leikanger. The two love birds met while studying at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel.

Apparently the prime minister was chatting with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg and mentioned that his son had just been vacationing North Norway with his Norwegian girlfriend. Vacation photos of them “cheers-ing” shots was lifted from Leikanger’s public Facebook (girl, you gotta private that ish), which further confirmed the SHONDA!

Well, this has ultra-orthodox and those who rally against intermarriage in a serious tiff with the Netanyahu’s. On Monday, the leader of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, Aryeh Deri, said he believed the relationship actually caused Netanyahu and his wife great “heartache.”

But this is to be expected.

Yossi Sarid, a former Israeli education minister responded, “It’s not fair. You can’t expect fairness from those people,” Sarid said. “They don’t like non-Jews. They don’t like non-Orthodox Jews. They are behaving as fanatics everywhere behave.”

Sucks to be Sandra and Yair right now. Wonder if they will withstand the media scrutiny, or simply not respond and carry on. We shall see.

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