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The Story Behind ‘Sukkah City’
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The Story Behind ‘Sukkah City’

Paper chains, pipe cleaners, and hanging gourds decorate the sukkah that we build in the exact same fashion each and every Sukkot. But nowhere in the Torah does it say that a sukkah’s design must be as architecturally limited as we’ve been making them—there are essential parameters, but there’s room for variation. In that vein, author Joshua Foer, Roger Bennett, and Reboot started a competition in which architects designed and built twelve seriously inventive sukkahs, which were eventually displayed in a two-day exhibit in Manhattan’s Union Square. Directed by Jason Hutt, Sukkah City documents the project that questioned the status quo of sukkah construction.

Chag sameach and here’s the trailer. The film is screening in Union Square on Sept. 22, and at the JCC in Manhattan on Sept. 23 and 24, with a Q&A with the competition’s jury members and winning architects.

SUKKAH CITY – Trailer from Oxbow Lake Films on Vimeo.

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