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Abdallah Will Be Joining Us Shortly, As Soon As He’s Done Executing His Prisoner.
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Abdallah Will Be Joining Us Shortly, As Soon As He’s Done Executing His Prisoner.

Thanks to user SimpleLiquid for the tip-off on this mindboggling interview.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), famous (and infamous, in some quarters) for translating Arabic-language media into English, brings us this video of a Lebanese television station's fawning (but informative!) interview with Abdallah al-Bishi, "Saudi Arabia's most famous executioner."

As they explain part way through, they started the interview a tad late because Al-Bishi ran late at work and had to finish one more execution. Ah well, better too much work than not enough, I always say. So they open with some stock footage of Abdallah complete with a groan-inducing metaphor about his being a harvester of "ripened heads."

Questions from the interview include:

What was your most difficult execution? (Answer: I've had to execute personal friends.)

How is executing a woman different from executing a man? (Answer: women are more stoic, men freak out and don’t stand straight, that's a real a pain in the neck for Abdallah)

Do you feel compassion for the people you execute? (Answer: no)

And of course, "Abdallah, tell us about the day you executed so many people that your sword broke." (He does.)

But my favorite part is when the giddy male interviewer gratuitously praises Abdallah's manhood.


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