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How to get Your Book Banned in Israel

Apparently if you’re looking to get your work banned from the Barnes & Noble of Israel, the best way to do it is publish a book criticizing the settler movement; call them "messianic madmen" and charge the equivalent of four US dollars for the whole shebang.  This is how the book The National Left, got itself removed from the shelves of the largest bookstore in Israel.

"A spokesman for Tzomet Sfarim [the bookstore] told the Post, "Since we received many complaints that the book hurts the feelings of part of our clientele, we decided not to continue its sale. Tzomet Sfarim is a chain for the whole nation of Israel, without political orientation, and now as ever chooses not to be involved in the content of the books sold in its stores."

I’m a little bit jealous of this somewhat fascist tactic.  I sometimes wish I had the power to walk into a bookstore, point at copies of Going Rogue, say I want them banished because Sarah Palin "hurts my feelings", and poof!  It magically happens. 

Then I realize how awesome freedom of speech is.  


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