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Hump Day Art: Interview with Patrick Winfield

Congratulations! You’ve managed to get through the first 2.5 weekdays. To help you get through the second half of your week, Jewcy is happy to present you with Hump Day Art. Think of it as an opportunity to devote your attention to the more cultural things in life, or at the very least, to zone out at your desk for a few minutes while you look at some pretty pictures.

Can't get enough of Jewcy's most recent featured artist Patrick Winfield? Here's a few more works from his portfolio of mosaic-like Polariod composites and eerie "appropriations." Click on the images for a larger view.







For more on Winfield and his work, take a look at this recent interview, in which the artist talks about his technique, his love for Polaroids, and what he likes to stash in his fridge.

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