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Hump Day Art: Sand in the Holy Land
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Hump Day Art: Sand in the Holy Land

Congratulations! You’ve managed to get through the first 2.5 weekdays. To help you get through the second half of your week, Jewcy is happy to present you with Hump Day Art. Think of it as an opportunity to devote your attention to the more cultural things in life, or at the very least, to zone out at your desk for a few minutes while you look at some pretty pictures.

In a continuation of Jewcy's recent birthright blogging, today's Hump Day Art features some lovely photographs taken by one of the participants on the birthright trip I staffed this summer. Ian Aleksander Adams is a young, accomplished photographer who documented our trip. He managed to come away with some impressive photos, despite an unfortunate run-in with an airport security x-ray on his way home that damaged much of his film. Here are a few of his best from our excursion to the Negev desert.

All this talk about the desert compels me to include this video by Israeli sand artist Ilana Yahav.

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