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The Rosh Hashanah Handbook

Jewcy celebrates the New Year with bundled content to meet all your designer Jewish needs. Our Rosh Hashanah package includes an impressive menu for holiday eats, a listing of social events to attend (whether you wear sidelocks or Keds), and advice and reflections on starting over. Starting over what? Life, relationships, jobs—you name it.

Decoded Dinner: Jewcy Pickled Editor Amy Odell updates old Hebrew recipes for these Nobu times. We’ve got how-tos on everything from pomegranate cocktails to salmon gefilte fish (we swear, it’s actually good).

Custom-Made Rosh Hashanah Events for Every Personality: Helen Jupiter hits all the Chosen Mafia cities – New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, San Fran, and L.A. – to bring you this calendar of events to fit your stylized Jewish identity. Go out on a limb: If you're an Ortho from Newton, attend an Interpol concert in Williamsburg.

Like a Virgin: How to wipe the slate clean for the New Year: An assortment of Jewcy writers brings you this consultable how-to guide on starting over. Don’t forget to bring a towel. And a condom.

The Renewal Reader: An entirely different assortment of Jewcy writers recount their own experiences with renewal, or quote from their favorite novels, poems, and short stories dealing with the subject.

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