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Taking the Wheel

Afternoon all,

I don't know if anonymous bloggers are a first for Jewcy, but don't get excited, because beneath my intriguing secret identity there are only layers of shallowness. My blogging name is Mr Eugenides, and I'll be guest editing the Daily Shvitz all the way from the other side of the Atlantic.

Despite a long association with Greece (hence the name), I'm writing this from a reasonably sunny Edinburgh in Scotland. Half the UK is under water at the moment (of which more later), but fortunately it's the right half – most of England, nothing important.

The tag line on my blog is "Trying to Hold Back the Rage", and hopefully over the next few days I'll give you a flavour of why the blood pressure is constantly so high, and the language occasionally rather coarse. I'll also be taking requests: if you have any questions, observations, or topics you'd like me to address (within reason: I'm not Candace Bushnell) then drop me a line at

There'll be plenty to talk about, anyway. Scots and Americans have lots in common: we both fought a war of independence against the English, after all. Of course, we lost…

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